Busy, busy, busy. I should start all my posts the same way.

Going to Vegas on Sunday for a few days… It’s going to be fun since I don’t have any reason for going other than tagging along to attend some nice dinners while my guy works a couple hours each day. It will finally be a nice break I’ve been wanting for ages. Plus, keep trying to find time to do a proper Coachella write-up… and you know there was the Phantom Planet show last week (which rocked). And I keep not finding time. Hopefully, I will also get a little sparetime to continue research/planning for our massive road trip in July.

Speaking of… you know, just when they expect gas prices to get even higher, we’re going to drive over 4,000 miles as we pass through Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Alberta, BC, Washington, Oregon… you know, the entire western coast of North America (sans Baja)!

Yup. I’m looking into what we can do to offset our fuel usage. And plotting out the many miles we will travel together. We are ridiculously excited. Instead of flying to Edmonton for a wedding (where we wouldn’t see anything but Edmonton, and which burns more fuel, and costs double what we’ll be spending on gas), we’re going to drive. And stop in Zion and Grand Teton on the way up. Then hit Jasper, Vancouver (where I found out UBC has a hotel on campus and it’s such a bargain), Astoria, random towns along the coast, and stop in SF to see my brother before heading home.

I’ve also have somewhat of a plan to get myself in better shape too. While I won’t be able to run any trails or hike too strenously, my knee is doing better and better every day. I just need to stick with my exercises and ride my bike more (finally, able to ride again.)

And then yah… finally moved Ewanspotting to be hosted with most of my other domains on one account. It’s got a splashy thing up for now. It needed to be done as I redesign and revamp the entire site. Which I will be doing with Brilliance as well.

TV upfronts this week… and…

This sounds very promising. Parker in a comedy? And written by the crazy gal who created Gilmore Girls? With a really cool cast? I’ll tune in.

I’m glad Lost finally has an end date. I know this was announced a while ago but once the show is actually totally and completely finished, I may start watching season 3.

And my current guilty pleasure One Tree Hill is coming back. Though it’s set for mid-season (which is always a worry), it got a full 22 episode order unlike this year. And apparently when it comes back will run with no repeats or interruptions (it better!). Starting in the fall, there will be video diary episodes posted online to tide us over. Really excited about that idea. Plus they are doing the time jump of 4 years to skip the dreaded college years (90210, Saved By The Bell, Dawson’s Creek, shudder)… and of course CW acting like it was their brilliant idea instead of Mark Schwann. I’m guessing once a couple of their dramas don’t make it, they will bring it back much sooner than mid-season.

Combine that with an outstanding episode last night that sets up the remaining episodes… and Blake actually making the final 2 on AI. I’m a happy camper.

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